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I wear more than a few hats. Here you will find the fruits of one of my great loves, photography.   I started as a collector and lover of the medium back in the analog days of film.   That love of film still influences my work. Here you will find what and where I live most in the photography world, shooting people.  My main areas of work these days are Music and  Beauty portraits, though you will find an occasional still life or landscape.   For the most part all images are available as prints.   You only need to contact me with which ones and we can work that out.   It is the great shortcoming of the internet and digital photography that we seem to enjoy a printed image far less.   It is very similar to music.   A earbud listening to your mp3 is ok but nothing like putting on vinyl or a cd run thru some amazing speakers to experience it as it should be. it is the same with prints in photography. If you love it, hang it.


Domenic Cicala

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